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(Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain)

Established in 1972, the University of Cordoba is an institution of higher learning located in the Andalusian province of Cordoba. Its academic thrusts focus on the humanities, health sciences, and physical sciences. The university is affiliated with several private organizations active in the mining and forestry industries and business sector.

The University of Cordoba is younger than other European universities, but its history dates back to the Moorish roots of the Andalusian region. It considers the Universidad Libre its precedent university and ancestor. The University Libre was a university based in Cordoba established in 1868. It was composed of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Law. It had more that 800 students in its heyday. However, it went bankrupt and was eventually replaced by the University of Cordoba.

Today, the University of Cordoba produces an estimated 5,000 graduates who excel in medicine, art, and engineering annually.


The library of the University of Cordoba has an impressive collection of more than 300,000 volumes of reference materials including films, cassettes, and other multimedia.

The university has a number of sports facilities that students can take advantage of like basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pools, and fully-equipped fitness centres. It also maintains a professional-quality stable and bullring used mostly by the University Riding Club.

Famous Students

The university has produced several significant names in politics, business, and scholarship like Prof. Pedro Caldentey del Pozo, who is a professor and head of the University's business school.

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