University of Cordoba (Universidad de Cordoba)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Cordoba University
(Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain)

The city of Cordoba, which is the capital of the Spanish province of the same name, has an extensive public transport system.

Renting a car is great way to explore the city and its outlying areas. Visitors can rent a car through the service booths of major car rental companies located at the Malaga airport and around the city. Before they can rent a car, visitors must present a photocopy of their driver's license and pay an initial insurance deposit.

Travel by Air

There are no regular flights to and from the Cordoba airport. It is only used for general aviation services, such as charter passenger and military flights, transporting organs to and from Reina Sofía hospital, flying courses and more.

Cordoba Airport (ODB) Information - Useful information about Cordoba (ODB) Airport

Car Parking

Parking areas are widely available throughout the city. Popular tourist stops such as the Mezquita have pay-parking lots available.

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Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

Visitors coming from Madrid and Barcelona to Cordoba can take the train. Taking the express line from these cities to nearby Malaga can take about four hours. Visitors can take the Al Andaluz express to explore the Andalusian region.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Traveling through the city by bus is popular among tourists and locals. Visitors coming from Madrid can take the overnight bus trips to Cordoba. Bus fares are usually reduced after 10 P.M.

Travel by Taxis

Visitors can take the taxi to tour the city. They can ask the taxi drivers to take them to parts of the city not often seen. However, Spanish taxi drivers are known for leaving their metres off, so they tend to overcharge their passengers.

Cordoba University

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