University of Cordoba (Universidad de Cordoba)

University Colleges and Facilities
(Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain)

The University of Cordoba has six faculties and two schools that offer degree, diploma, and postgraduate programmes.

Faculty of Veterinary

The Faculty of Veterinary is presently chaired by Prof. Rafael J. Gómez Villamandos. It offers degrees in Veterinary Science and Food Technology and Science.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is headed by Prof. Rafael Solana Lara.

Faculty of Sciences

Chaired by Prof. Félix Infante García-Pantaleón, the Faculty of Sciences is one of the university's largest faculties. It offers bachelor's degree programmes in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry and advanced degrees in Biochemistry.

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters is headed by Prof. Eulalio Fernández Sánchez. it offers degree programmes in History, Humanities, English Philology, Spanish Philology, and Art History.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is headed by Prof. Diego Medina Morales. It offers a degree programme in Law.

Agronomy and Forestry Engineering Technical College

The Agronomy and Forestry Engineering Technical College produces competent agricultural and forestry engineers. This college is headed by Prof. Fernando Andrada Tapia.

Higher Polytechnical School

Under the leadership of Prof. Eduardo Gutiérrez de Ravé Agüera, this university school has produced some of the nation's finest engineers. It offers degree programmes in Industrial Engineering with a variety of specialisations, Mechanics and Industrial Electronic Engineering, and a diploma programme in Computer Science.

University School of Labour Relations

Headed by Prof. Ma Luisa Rodríguez Copé, this university school offers a diploma programme in labour relations.

Faculty of Educational Studies

The Faculty of Educational Studies offers degrees programmes in Music teaching, Infant Education, and Foreign Languages, to name a few. It also offers an advanced degree in psychopedagogy. The faculty is headed by Prof. José Aranda Lorenzo.

Cordoba University

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